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The best of the worst

I am reminded of a Friends episode...the one where Monica discovers that contrary to what she thought, she was actually really really bad at giving massages. She was quite devastated to discover this, but her fiance, Chandler, made everything all right again by assuring her that she was the best at being the worst at massages.

Donald Trump likes to describe his presidency in superlatives...America is the greatest country, he has made the greatest economic recovery, he is the greatest American ever, 'OF..ALL...TIME...'

Turns out, actually not so much. There have been some pretty dodgy American Presidents...George W., George Senior, Ronnie Raygun to name a few. Donald Trump has been dodgy since the get go...well since before then really. There have been so many examples of Trump's incompetence, narcissism and arrogance since he came to office nearly 4 years ago, its hard to know how he keeps outdoing his last performance. The whole corona virus thing was pretty hard to top (100,000 deaths!) but in the last week he has managed it. Attacking his own people just to have some weird photo taken, supposedly to make it clear how brave and in charge he is. Yep, Trump is undoubtedly the absolute Best Worst American President...EVER. Like OF...ALL...TIME!

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