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About Ann



I have always drawn, painted and made things. It is my way of interacting with and dealing with what the world throws at me. It is how I process the world around me, question and find answers about how I can live within it. Art - making it, experiencing it, collecting it - makes me who I am. It has enabled me to recognise and celebrate my love of nature, and my deep spiritual connection to animals, birds and trees. It has helped me to find my tribe and feel like I belong. I hope that the work I make will resonate with something in you, and help you to live in the world a little more easily.

I started teaching art because I loved to make things, paint and draw. But as the years progressed, I began to see what happened to people when they were able to tap into the same life-giving creative spark that made me get up in the mornings. I watched as people who were genuinely afraid of being vulnerable in my classes began to experiment and explore their own identity through art. They changed before my eyes, and I became utterly convinced of the need to offer safety in the studio so that others could access the transformative magic that is art.

So that is what I can promise to you above all You can explore, experiment, make mistakes and learn to your heart's content. There is no correct way to make art. It is not about getting techniques correct, though I can easily teach you those - rather it is about finding the way that best expresses who you are. So your art won't be like mine, or like anyone else's.  It will be yours - your unique visual language.

Please, join me, on our collective creative journeys.

Let’s Work Together

Cashmere Lane, Cashmere,

Qld, 4500

Tel: 0438 410 145

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