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Ann is an accomplished draughtsperson, with many drawings to her credit, incorporating graphite, charcoal, pastel and ink.


Ann is known for her creation of tiny worlds based on her personal and contemporary world experience. She calls these works 'Aislingariums': a self-created word which comes from 'aisling' (pronounced ashling), an Irish Gaelic word meaning dream or vision; and the word 'arium' which is a suffix used to denote a place or container, e.g. Planetarium. 


Ann has made numerous artist's books and authored others. She also keeps comprehensive journals and workbooks.


Over the years, Ann has shepherded countless adults and children as they discovered their own creative voice and create beautiful works of art. See some examples here.


Ann's 2D work has evolved from realistic to semi-abstract, but she has always drawn from nature to inform her work. Her most recent paintings and wall art often begins with watercolour, but also incorporates ink, coloured pencil, ink, collage, gold leaf and resin. 


Ann incorporates all sorts of materials, hard and soft, often upcycling to create whimsical objects and sculptures, both for outside and inside. Go for a walk on the whimsy side.


A lover of all animals, Ann draws and paints animals and birds on a regular basis, including loved fur and feathered family members. View some of these pawtraits here.


Ann has participated in numerous presitigious awards exhibitions, selected group and solo exhibitions. See some of her exhibited work here.

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