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Gretel's Journal


Snail's Pace

Creative and Other Writing

Knights of Castle Rock

Fiction for readers 8 - 12 years.

Finding himself abruptly uprooted from his life in Silicon Valley and deposited in his father's North Queensland home town, Jeremy is feeling lost and lonely. A chance encounter with an injured possum and a strange boy named Kevin leads him on a journey of self discovery and adventure. But, are the beautiful natural surroundings a paradise or the home of something more sinister? What secrets is Kevin keeping, and what do they have to do with the black dingo shadowing Jeremy's every step?

Journey to Kedesh

Catalogue and story of the 'Journey to Kedesh'.

The solo exhibition entitled Kedesh by Ann Russell investigates her fascinations with odd spaces and fantasy worlds.  A series of poetic bricolage works takes the viewer on a journey through mystical sacred places.

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