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The Art of Education

Ann is a qualified and very experienced visual art educator and is available for workshops and residencies in schools:

Dr Ann Russell is experienced in working with all school aged children, particularly secondary school students. She is available for short or longer term visits to work with students relating to a particular theme or content; or to teach technical skills. Ann can work with your students in the classroom e.g watercolour painting or on larger scale projects such as mosaics or murals. She is committed to the development of creativity in education and the use of visual art to enhance learning across all curriculum areas.

2024 prices
  • Hourly rate (for 1-2 hours on a weekly basis): $95

  • Part or half day workshops: $350

  • Full day workshop: $580

  • 5 day workshop/residency: $2000

 N.B. prices are exclusive of materials for student use.

from a class conducted by Ann Russell

Click on the button below to contact Ann about your school visit.

from a class conducted by Ann Russell
Dr Russell is registered with QCT (#620613), Blue Card Exempt and fully Vaccinated.
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