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Ann's Teaching Philosophy


In Western Society, the arts is often something that is relegated to the peripheries of activity - something you do if you have enough time and money left over after you have done the important things and only if you have been blessed with the necessary abilities.

Other societies know the truth - that artistic activity is intrinsically linked to our spirit or soul. The metaphysical necessities of a functioning society like empathy, tolerance, kindness and creativity are its result. It is something you can and should learn and develop to be a whole human being.

Ann provides a safe environment for everyone to explore their creativity and gently guides you to find your own voice for visual expression, that won't be the same as anyone else's (even hers)...because 'style' is a deeply personal expression of you and your life.

So, whether or not you think you are 'good at it', Ann will help you find your personal visual language. Nothing is more satisfying.

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