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State of the world

How sad is the world at the moment? As if Covid 19 wasn't enough, now there are riots and violence happening around the United States. For me, the whole U.S. implosion is a culmination of the capitalist, neoliberalist mentality that has prevailed for so long and that Trump seems to reinforce (with rubber bullets, apparently). The riots in America are symptomatic of the general feeling that I believe is rising across the world - that we need to change - our ideologies, our methods and our social systems.

Although America is in crisis, we are not free and clear in Australia. We have done well with Covid 19, but I fear the complacency in the public arena will mean we will go through a second wave. It is time, I believe, that we take stock and re-consider everything. What is really important? What do we really want going forward? There has to be a better way than the way of neoliberalist proponents who think that the bottom line is always the bottom line. Time for a kinder, gentler, more caring way to live. Time for the kind of world that artists generally promote - where beauty and meaning

are the most important qualities we strive for. The first Nation people were here for tens of thousands of years before white people showed up. We need to listen to their wisdom, and that of the left wing, hippy dippy types if we want our society to progress the way it should.

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