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I love mosaics. Besides being an interesting, utilitarian and poetic art form, mosaics serve as an important metaphor for life. They can be made from just about anything with artists often using broken pieces of glass and ceramic, discarded objects, pieces that in themselves are ugly or no longer useful. The broken pieces that would otherwise become land fill are used to cover and make better a range of objects and surfaces. Old tables, chairs and boring concrete can be renovated and reinvigorated to become stronger, much more beautiful and, of course, bespoke.

The metaphor for life lies in the fact that each piece of the tesserae on its own may be insignificant, broken, redundant or just plain ugly. But when combined with all the other unattractive, broken or cracked pieces, they make something beautiful. Just like people, when we combine forces with all the other broken, redundant and out-dated ones, we can be uniquely beautiful and powerful.

Park Gruell in Barcelona: mosaic design by Gaudi

In addition, mosaic tesserae can be objects or part of objects that have some kind of significance to the maker or owner. In fact, early 'folk' mosaics were made as 'memory jugs' where a jar, bottle or jug was covered with objects as a reminder of someone or something. Mosaic making is an exercise in mindfulness...somewhat like a jigsaw puzzle, involving choices about colour and the placement and combination of shapes.

At, as well as holding seasonal mosaic classes, I am also available for making mosaics and I often use mosaic in many of the art objects for sale or hire. You can also find out everything you need to know by purchasing an information pack from the website at the low low price of $15. You can also commission a mosaic for a specific purchase. Relevant links are below.

For the information package about mosaics, click here.

To buy something that includes mosaic, click here.

To find out about hiring a mosaic work, click here.

To contact Ann regarding commissioning a mosaic work, or holding a class for your group click here.

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