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Terms and Conditions

At the time of booking Classes or workshops, participants agree to the following:


  • Sessions cancelled by participants are not generally refunded, except for extenuating circumstances by negotiation with

  • Bookings made are for the entire workshop, which can vary in length from one day to a series of weekly 2 hour sessions for a period of 6 - 10 weeks.

  • A trial session at the discounted price of $20 is permissible for any workshop, materials excluded (one time per person). If the participant wishes to continue with the workshop, the remaining sessions will be paid at the rate of $30 per 2 hour session.

  • Sessions cancelled by will be refunded in full.

  • Some workshops include limited materials, which are incorporated into the overall cost of the workshop. Additional materials need to be acquired by participants.

  • Participants are expected to commit to ensuring that the studio is a 'safe hatchery' for all. Consistent lack of compliance can result in exclusion from the workshop.

  • Workshops are conducted on private property. Participants are expected to treat that property with respect, including all flora and fauna on the property, and restricting movement to specific areas within the property as requested.

  • Participants are expected to leave the premises within 20 minutes of the end of the session. Consistent failure to do so can result in exclusion from the workshop and/or additional cost to the participant.

  • Participants agree to park only in designated areas. Participants who need to access disabled parking, should contact Ann to arrange.


Kids Art Workshops (7-15 year olds)

  • Parents/care givers should park in the specified area on Cashmere Lane.

  • Parents/care givers are expected to walk their children into the studio. For holiday workshops, they will also be expected to sign them in. At the completion of workshops, children should be collected from the studio by a parent/caregiver.

  • Parents/caregivers may wait for their children on the premises in the seating area adjacent to the studio.

  • Warner shopping centre is 5 minutes from the Studio on Samsonvale Road and Cashmere IGA shopping centre is 2 minutes away on Ira Buckby Road. Both centres feature good coffee shops.



Click the icon to download a PDF of the studio schedule for 2018
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