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Maintaining Hope

It seems like there are two kinds of posts that mostly come up on my Facebook feed: the depressing ones about the tragi-comedic antics of Donald Trump, the out of touch, right wing decisions of our own government and capitalist attempts to take over large tracts of land to the detriment of our environment. Honestly, it is so depressing. It is hard to understand how the world can be put to rights.

Then there's the other kind of post - the ones that document the individuals and groups who are fighting hard, often against seemingly huge odds to make the world they live in a better place. I am talking about the folks who take pictures of our beautiful wildlife and then post them so we can all see that there are some aspects of the world that are still beautiful; the ones who fight for little patches of paradise to ensure that the homes of koalas or birds or whatever are maintained. There's the people who fight for refugees, victims of crime, women, the reef, the whales, native grasses or the environment at large. They fight against the neoliberal view that money is what matters most, and that if we aren't rich, then we must have done something wrong.

Thank you to all those people who are fighting for a fairer, kinder and better world. In the words of Dr Martin Luther King, 'I have a dream...' a dream that we can wake up to a world that is about love, peace, and kindness, not about greed, selfishness and hate.

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