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Be kind, that's all.

In a time when people's mental health is suffering, people are feeling negative, lost and isolated, it is great to see some people ramping up their level of care for those around them. But for every one of them, it seems, there is another person who seems hell bent on making life just a bit worse than it normally is and cares not at all for their fellow human beings.

I get that stress and anxiety can make people factious and cranky. But I don't get how taking out your stress on others is going to achieve anything that much. Don't get me wrong, I am finding things as difficult as the next guy and there are countless things I don't get about what's happening with Australia at present. For instance, I don't get

  • why people are protesting against lockdown when it is one of the tools for keeping us safe and well. None of us likes it, but it is a necessary evil at present

  • why you'd abuse front line health workers for doing their job which puts them at risk and for which they are not paid

  • why you'd be so hell bent on making sure that two little girls can't stay in Australia when everyone seems to want them to stay

  • why lockdown in NSW wasn't just hard and fast

  • why the Feds seem more concerned with their re election than keeping us all safe

  • why the same Feds can't take a pay cut to finance those who are struggling to put food on the table

  • why we are dragging our feet on climate change, when clearly our ravaging of the environment is the cause of our current malaise

  • why dodgy people from the UK and USA are being brought into the country when thousands of Australians are denied entry

  • etc and so forth

My recommendation is:

  1. Breathe. Count to 10 before you react to anything.

  2. Hang out with will make you feel less isolated and give you some perspective

  3. Do some art...doesn't matter what or how good you think you are. Art activity is a proven stress reliever and can realign your neural pathways.

  4. Go for a walk...also proven to be good for your neurological health.

  5. Be kind, always. You are not the centre of the universe and being kind just might be the answer to our existential crisis.

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