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Journal your way to good mental health!

Whether you are a seasoned artist, or a complete novice, you can join this program and Journal through 2022, keep your creative juices flowing and mindfully deal with anything the year throws at you!

Sometimes your creativity dries up and you lose your mojo, am I right? Even if you intend to keep an art journal it can be hard to find the time or inclination: sometimes you just need some other creatives to keep the momentum flowing. Wherever you are at artistically, this program WILL help you stay creative and mindfully deal with the strange times we find ourselves in.

How is it mindful?

Well, we'll be reflecting, encouraging, changing our self talk, setting goals, appreciating what we have, letting go of what we don't need, and planning the road ahead.


Art activity has been proven to help us to develop critical thinking and problem-solving: exactly what we need in this weird and wonderful 21st century.

It can quite literally rewire your brain.

Sketchbook on Sand

I can make a journal myself, I don't need to join a group!

No doubt you can...but will you?

Having a check in every two weeks will keep you accountable, and you will be able to make sure you end the year with a wonderful art journal, as well as your sanity!

At the same time, you'll work at your own pace and in your own way and style. And you don't have to consider yourself an artist to be part of it.

Nature Girl

Maybe you're thinking...

Join a supportive creative cluster!

Two ways to pay...

Up front or at $15 per month

Personalised Content

Create an artist's book about you and for you!

Community Support

Join a group of like-minded people, share your ideas and artwork.


Ready to Join?

Click the button below to take up this wonderful offer and get started journaling your way through the year ahead!

Cost: $180 or $15/month for 12 months.

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