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I might have to take a break from the news for a bit, maybe even my Facebook feed, cos I am tired of reading about stupid selfish people doing stupid selfish things. I know there are good people out there and this is undoubtedly me preaching to the choir (you guys are some of the best people out there), but really, what is wrong with people? What makes you steal a car, drive like a maniac, consequently kill innocent people and then spit blood at police at the crash scene? If you accidentally run over a koala (or any creature for that matter) why the hell wouldn't you stop and see if it is okay? And if it isn't do something about it? Why would you double down on dumb political decisions that cause hundreds of lives to be lost, just because you don't want to admit you are wrong and maybe jeopardise your tenuous grip on a powerful position that you are really too stupid and selfish to manage? Why would you continue to throw money into the mining industry and deny climate change when you must know that history will name you as one of the people who could have done something but sat on their hands? Why would you continue to treat refugees and anyone else who is different like they are criminals, when in fact it is your own behaviour that is criminal?

The only hope we have as a species is to stop allowing the stupid selfish people to get so much air time and hold

positions of power. I want to hear more stories about the good that many many people are doing in the world. What the world needs now is a bit of kindness, sensitivity, and just some common sense!!

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