Coffee, Cake and Colour

2nd Friday of the Month (9:00am - 12 noon

Cost $60 per person (min 4, max 8). 

If you wish to discuss an alternative day or time, please 

Bring a photo of your furry or feathered friend and 

create a pastel painting that you can be proud of.

Pastel Pets

Create a bright and cheerful still life. Learn about tone and perspective to create the impression of 3D space.

Still Life

Paint 'outside the lines' to create colourful and mystical forests in watercolour, ink and pencil. 

Fantastic Forests

Use a range of materials and techniques including ink, collage and tissue paper. Watch your A3 sized work evolve before your eyes.

Abstract Mixed Media

Learn some watercolour techniques and create this rockin' rooster.

Rooster in Watercolour

Combine watercolour, watercolour pencils and ink

to create these opal-like


River Rocks

Using water colour and coloured pencil, create a stunning study of the foreshore on quality A3 paper.  Learn easy and unique techniques. 

Shells on the Shore

Zoom in on a flower and cover your canvas with its


Floral Closeup

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