Art for Teens, Grades 10 - 12


Are you worried about your teen's screen time? Or their stress levels? Are they overly obsessed with their grades? Do you wish they were more resilient, had more persistence and creativity? Art activity can help your teenager with all of these things: help them relax, develop their creativity and imagination and give them the opportunity to understand the person they are becoming.

Ann is an experienced and fully registered leading teacher and loves to impart the tools and tips of creativity to younger generations in a safe environment. Free from judgement and assessment, children develop their creativity at a rate that exceeds even their expectations. Students fire up their imagination, develop problem solving skills and contribute to their own well being. All they need is the time, space and encouragement. Students can access classes on school holidays and on Tuesdays after school during term time. FIRST class is at the discounted rate of $20.

Students can get help with their school art studies or explore other creative options.

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I believe this passionately: that we don't grow into creativity, we grow out of it. Or rather, we are educated out of it.

Sir Ken Robinson

Classes are open to students at all levels, and can be booked for blocks or terms at $28/class. Single lessons are $30 per person. All materials are included. Maximum of 6 students/class.  

Art Class